Life is busy enough without having to worry about getting your dry cleaning picked up all of the time. Wouldn't it be nice if you could skip at least the one task of getting the dry cleaning before you run out of work clothes? Why not look into a dry cleaning delivery service from a place like Rockwood Dry Cleaners?

How often do you need service?

Different companies offer different pick-up services – some may come to your home on any day that you request, while others will only pick up and drop off whenever they are scheduled to be in your area.

Before you decide on any service, make a few calls or do some research online to find out how often you'll be able to have things picked up and dropped off. There may be additional fees for services that are scheduled beyond the normal scope of the company, or they could offer scheduled services free of charge – you'll have to check.

How will you communicate?

Some dry cleaning services make it possible for you to take care of everything online, while others require a phone call. What will make things easier for you? Do you mind picking up the phone from time to time, or is it something that you dread? Some services even have an app that you can install on your smartphone to manage all of the pick-ups, drop-offs, and communications.

How are stains treated?

You aren't only looking for convenience – you want the dry cleaning done well – no stains when you get it back. Whenever you notice a stain, make a note of what it was that caused the stain – knowing the substance will help the dry cleaner to treat the stain successfully. Pin the note to the garment and make a note on the outside of the dirty dry cleaning bag.

How are your things secured?

If you're not going to be home during the scheduled drop-off time and you know this will be a constant issue, consider looking into safe drop-off options. This could be requesting that the items be hung inside the garage, providing the service with a key or code to enter your home, or investing in a small outdoor storage container – something that will protect the items from the elements and out of sight so that potential thieves don't try stealing your dry cleaning before you get home.

Talk with the dry cleaning services in your area. You will surely find the one that will meet all of your needs without breaking your budget.