With hurricane season ramping up, it is important you know how to clean up any water damage your home may suffer if you find it has become inundated with flood water. While serious residential water damage always requires a professional water cleanup company's assistance for the best cleaning results, these tips will help you clean up the mess and prevent unnecessary future damage while you wait for them to get to your home:

Tip: Wear Protective Shoes and Clothing to Avoid Illness

Flood waters often contain bacteria and other things that can make you very sick if you get them on your skin, in your eyes, or in your lungs. To keep yourself safe from harmful bacteria while you are cleaning, make sure you wear each of the following items:

  • rubber boots
  • eye protection
  • a respirator
  • plastic gloves

In addition to the above, you should purchase a hazard suit from your local home improvement center. They are sold to people who are doing demolition work around dangerous building materials, and one will keep your body safe from any contaminants that may be in the water.

Tip: Remove Standing Water if It is Safe

If the water in your home has come up over the electrical outlets on the walls, then you should wait to remove any standing water until it has dropped below them. Standing in water exposed to electricity can be fatal.

When it is safe to do so, use a shop vac or water transfer pump to remove any remaining standing water. Pump the water well outside of your home so it will not seep back into your house or its basement. 

Tip: Remove Anything in Water Damaged Areas Immediately

After you have removed the water, then you need to remove any absorbent materials that got wet. Generally, things like carpets/pads, sheetrock, and furniture cannot be salvaged and must be removed quickly before they start growing mold.

Tip: Continually Circulate the Air in Your Home

Finally, once you have removed all of the water and soaked items, then you need to remove the humid air from the house. Humid air leads to mold and mildew growth and the faster you can remove it the better. 

To dehumidify your home, open all your home's doors and windows and turn on every fan you own. This simple action will send the remaining moisture outside where it can't harm your home anymore. To learn more, contact a company like Blue Ribbon Carpet Cleaning.