When you come home from the hospital with a newborn baby, you may have the home ready for their arrival. For the first month or two, you will not have to worry about them moving around on their own, but this will eventually happen when they learn how to start crawling. Although you may vacuum the house often, you should consider investing in routine carpet cleaning service extending through their early childhood to keep them as healthy as you can.

Dust Inhalation

The first thing that carpet cleaning will provide is getting rid of all the dust in the carpeting. While you will still find dust on almost any surface until you dust everything off, you do not want dust particles lingering in the carpet fibers for your baby to inhale. This can happen when they are in your arms or in their crib, but it will become more common when they are crawling around.


An important part of raising a baby is making sure they are clean. Without carpet cleaning, you will have a tough time getting out all the dirt and grime that builds up over time. So, when your child starts to crawl, they will pick up these particles on their feet, hands, and knees.

Routine carpet cleaning will get rid of the dirt, cat litter, and crumbs that may come from the kitchen. This level of cleanliness will also make your laundry responsibilities easier because you will not have to worry about your kid's clothing getting excessively dirty from being on the floor.


Another factor that you should consider with carpet cleaning is food removal. While you may hope that your baby only eats food, they may want to get their hands on lots of items. A vacuum should pick up most loose things that make it to the ground where they are not supposed to be.

But, deep cleaning will make sure that your kid cannot stick their fingers deep into the carpet fibers and pull out something that they are encouraged to chew on and swallow. This may be a time in which you want to create a new set of family rules with eating around the house. You can restrict eating everywhere but the kitchen and dining room table to minimize crumb buildup.

Making an effort to get professional carpet cleaning several times throughout the year will help you feel confident as a parent and maximize your child's chances of staying healthy while growing up.