Keeping your entire home cleaned regularly and around your busy schedule can be a challenge for many people. Here are some daily and weekly tips to keep your kitchen clean, as it is one of the busier areas in your home cleaning routine.

Evening Cleaning

After you have cooked and prepared a meal, your kitchen can be quite a mess. To clean up the area quickly, load all the dishes into your dishwasher, then fill up your sink with warm water and a couple squirts of liquid dish soap. Remove your stove top burner drip pans and place them into the water to wash or put them into the dishwasher.

Wet your dish cloth in the water and wipe down the kitchen table, counters, and stove top. Also run the cloth over the backs of kitchen chairs if you have children who may make them sticky during the meal. Wipe off the cabinets and microwave interior and exterior above the stove to clean up any grease or food spatters from cooking food.

Quickly wipe down the front and door handle of your stove and fridge, removing spots or greasy finger prints. If any of your appliances are stainless steel, be sure to buff them dry and remove any fingerprints with a dry soft cloth after wiping them with your wet cloth.

Sweep the floor to pick up crumbs and other food particles. After you have wiped down all topside surfaces with your wash cloth, use the cloth as a mop to wipe up any floor spots and spills you couldn't clean up by sweeping. Wiping up spills and spots from the floor is a great job for your children to help you with while you clean the upper areas in the kitchen.

Weekend Cleaning

On the weekends you may have more time to devote to a more thorough cleaning in your kitchen. Take this time to go through your fridge to remove and discard any old foods. Fill your sink with warm water and a couple squirts of liquid dish soap and use a wash cloth to wipe the interior of your fridge. Remove the food from the produce bins and wipe these out as well.

Clean your kitchen floor by first vacuuming up any lint, hairs, dust, and crumbs left over. Vacuuming your kitchen floors can clean up debris easier than sweeping, as the broom can cause the dust to float in the air then resettle onto the floors. After vacuuming, mop your entire floor, or use a dish rag and warm soapy water to wipe up high traffic areas and remove dirt build-up.

Wipe around the seal of your dishwasher's door to clean off debris, and wipe around the interior of the door hinge to clean off any mold growth. Pour a couple cups of white vinegar into your dishwasher and run it to remove build-up of deposits and residue.