Hosting friends and family for the holidays can be a wonderful time to create lifelong memories. But getting your house ready for company can be stressful. Most people want their house to be immaculate before guests come over, and this can require some time and planning. If you're hosting the holidays this year, don't forget the following cleaning tasks:

Have Carpet Steam Cleaned

No matter how clean your house is, stained and dirty carpet can be a huge eyesore. In the weeks leading up to the holidays, take the time to rent a carpet cleaning machine, or better yet, hire a professional to steam clean your carpets. After a good deep cleaning your carpets will look clean and fresh. Make sure that you have your carpets cleaned at least a few days in advance so they can dry out completely before you have people over.

Grout Cleaning

Many people don't realize how dirty their grout is until they have it cleaned. Grout can become dirty quickly and it is notoriously hard to clean, especially if you have grout that is light in color. If you don't want to spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing all of the grout in your home, your best bet is to hire a professional grout cleaning company. Professional grout cleaning is a great investment, since the results are quite dramatic and can brighten up the appearance of a room. 

De-Clutter Foyer Closet

Over the course of the year, it is easy for the foyer closet to become cluttered with a variety of items. If you don't use your foyer closet on a regular basis, you may not even realize how cluttered it is. But if you're hosting multiple family and friends for the holidays, you will need a clean foyer closet with ample room for coats, umbrellas, and purses. Spend a few hours clearing out your foyer closet in advance of the holidays so you know it will be ready to accommodate your guests' belongings.

Spruce Up the Guest Bedroom

The holidays often means having guests come to visit from out of town. If you are hosting overnight guests, don't forget to spruce up your guest bedroom. Launder all of the sheets and bedding and make sure your guests are given an ample supply of clean towels to use during their stay. If your guest bedroom is not used often, dust carefully so the room is fresh and bright.