If the landscaping and grass around your business doesn't look as good as the business properties around you, but you don't want to spend a ton of money bringing in new sod, there are some things that you can do to your existing grass to help make a change. Some of these options are very low maintenance, and it will allow the grass to get better with ease. Look into these options:

Landscaping Professionals

The landscaping professionals can come to the property to see if there are problems beyond the dying grass. There are many culprits that could be causing the grass concerns, like the following:

  • Rodents or pets burrowing holes and destroying the soil
  • Weeds killing the grass
  • Chemicals from runoff in the area

Once the landscaping professionals can target the culprit of the problem you have, then they can determine what treatment is needed, and how they can get the grass health. Then schedule the mowing and trimming, and you won't have to worry about the grass at all.

Stormwater Irrigation Options

Irrigating the area properly may be a significant factor in contributing to keeping the grass green and healthy. If you can, use a grey water system that takes fallen rain throughout the year and turns it into rain that you can use to water the grass when needed. Have a stormwater filtration system that takes out harmful chemicals that can be doing damage to the grass.

Programmable Irrigation System

To make sure that you are watering the ground responsibly and that you aren't wasting water which would also mean wasting money, get a programmable irrigation system that has sensors. The sensors can detect when the soil is too dry and when the grass should be watered, so you don't waste your stored water or any water throughout the year.

Watering the grass as needed with a professional system that has sprinklers located in the perfect areas is going to help your yard look dramatically different, instead of trying to guess where and when to water. You want to have as much water stored with a stormwater irrigation system as you can if you want to cut on irrigation costs, and you may be able to get some type of state or federal tax credit for that type of change with your business. Talk with the professionals to get costs and to learn about more lawn care options.