If you've signed up with a window cleaning service, it's time to get ready for your first appointment. Getting things ready for the cleaners can improve the results. That's especially true if you've never had your windows cleaned before. The first appointment can take a bit longer. That's because there's usually more dirt and grime on the glass. If you're not sure how to get ready for your window cleaning appointment, read the list below. Here are four steps to take before the cleaners arrive. 

Clear a Path Around the House

Now that it's time to get your windows clean, make sure they're accessible. Cleaners have a hard time removing the dirt if they can't get to your windows. Plus, it adds time to the appointment if your cleaners need to move furniture before they can get to the windows. The best way to improve the cleaning process is to clear a path ahead of time. Move furniture away from the windows inside the house. Outside, prune bushes and trees that rest against the windows. 

Clean Curtains and Shades

If you're going to get your windows cleaned, now's a good time to tackle your curtains and shades. You'll need to take the curtains and shades down before the cleaners arrive. So, use that time to get them clean. That way, dirt from the windows and shades doesn't transfer to the windows. Also, clean windows and window treatments reduce odors in the house. 

Remove Window Screens

If you have an appointment to get your windows cleaned, don't forget to remove the screens. Removing the screens lets your cleaning service get to all the glass. Also, if you remove the screens, you can get the window sills cleaned too. That way, all the dirt gets removed. It's a good idea to clean your screens while you have them off the windows. If you find damage, take care of the repairs before you put the screens back on your windows. 

Check for Pest Hazards

If it's time to get your windows cleaned, make sure you check your house for pest hazards. Wasp and hornet nests are especially risky for window cleaners. That's especially true when wasps and hornets build their nests under the eaves of the house. Before the appointment, inspect your home for wasp and hornet nests. If you find any, have those removed before the cleaners arrive. That way, there's no risk to your window cleaning service.

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