You can clean your carpet by using a store-bought carpet cleaner. It can be a good idea to have one of these carpet cleaners on hand for the occasional big spill or carpet emergency. However, it isn't a good idea to use them to replace regular professional carpet cleanings you should be having done to your carpet. The information here will explain some reasons why home carpet cleaning units aren't a proper replacement for professional cleanings. 

Professional cleaning comes with expert advice  

Something to consider is when you clean your carpet with your own machine, you are missing out on the opportunity to get expert advice from a professional carpet cleaner. They can give you a lot of tips and advice on things like how to get up certain types of stains completely, how to prevent carpet odors, ways you can keep your carpet looking fluffy, and much more. The advice you can be given may help you keep your carpet looking great for much longer, and may even help the carpet to last longer before needing to be replaced. 

Better equipment will be used 

When you have a professional carpet cleaner come out, they will use professional-grade equipment and solutions to clean your carpet. This means the job will be done much better than it would be when you use your own machine. Their equipment will have more versatility, hotter water, more suction, and more flexibility. They will be able to get in all areas, including hard-to-reach areas you couldn't get the home machine into. 

They will also be able to get the carpet the cleanest it can possibly get, whereas your own machine would just give it more of a surface-level cleaning. You'll need professional equipment to reach down deep and really remove all the debris and particles that are under the surface of the carpet. This will help with things like the air quality in the home, which helps fend off allergy symptoms, a dusty home, lingering odors, and more. 

The right solutions will be used on the right areas

When you use your home machine, you'll probably end up using one solution for all the carpet surfaces. This can get some areas cleaner than others. When the professional carpet cleaner comes out, they will decide whether some areas require special care with a certain type of solution, or even a pre-soaking in order to clean some areas. This is one more reason why professional carpet cleaners get your carpet a lot cleaner than you can do with your home machine.

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