The hood over the range or grill can be an integral piece of equipment for a restaurant. Despite the importance of this component, there are many restaurant owners and managers that will fail to appreciate the potential risks that could occur if they fail to keep their restaurant's hood clean and maintained.

Increased Risk Of Fire

One of the most significant issues that can arise from failing to clean the hood above your range or grill can be a substantially higher risk of a fire occurring. This could occur due to the accumulation of grease and other substances that may ignite. If a fire were to occur in the hood, it can rapidly grow in size and spread, which may lead to widespread damage to the building and injuries to those that are in the vicinity. Regularly cleaning the hood will remove these substances so that they will be unable to ignite.

Reduced Air Circulation And Filtration

Failing to keep the hood clean can also significantly reduce the amount of air circulation that it will generate. This can result in causing the smoke and smells from the range or grill to spread through the restaurant more easily. In many cases, this could be very disruptive to the experience that your guests are having. Unfortunately, this can be a fairly subtle issue that the full-time staff may not notice at first. To avoid the risk of you failing to notice that this is occurring, it can be ideal to have the hood cleaned according to a regular schedule. This will ensure that it is always working at optimal levels to provide the best performance for your restaurant.

Reduced Lifespan Of The Hood's Mechanical Systems

The hood over your grill or range can be an expensive piece of equipment, and this should lead to businesses attempting to prioritize the maintenance needs of the hood system. Unfortunately, some managers and owners may fail to meet this need, and it can have the result of potentially cause the hood to suffer a major mechanical failure that could result in the unit needing to be replaced. While these systems are designed to be durable, failing to remove grease and other residues from them may cause the unit to start developing problems in as little as a couple of years, which could lead to your business need to pay the expensive fees to replace the hood as well as potential productivity impacts due to the disruptions that this work will create.

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