Many people install tiles to improve their homes' curb appeal. You can alter your house's design by installing different types and colors of tiles. Furthermore, you can install tiles that form a specific pattern. However, you must clean the tiles thoroughly to increase their longevity. Most people often forget to include their tiles in their cleaning checklist when doing their home's general cleaning. Others fail to outsource tile cleaning services and end up not cleaning their tiles properly. As such, this blog will depict three signs that it's time to clean your tiles. 

If Some Tiles Have a Different Shade

The most common sign that your tiles need cleanup is if some tiles have a different shade than the rest. You will notice the difference in color shades, especially for the tiles located under your furniture. For example, if you have installed white tiles in your home, the tiles under your furniture may have a different shade due to dust accumulation. This proves that you must hire the right tile cleaning services to clean your tiles thoroughly. 

If Your Tiles Become Dull

Your tiles will become dull if you have not cleaned them for a long time. The color change is due to dust and dirt build-up. Furthermore, your tiles may be dull because they were scratched when moving furniture around the house. As such, you should consider hiring the best tile cleaning services instead of cleaning these tiles yourself. This is because you may not have the tools to deep clean your tiles and regain their original color. In contrast, these experts have suitable detergents and brushes to eradicate all the dirt. Furthermore, they have polishing devices that will remove scratches and improve your floor's appearance. 

If Your Tile Grout Is Discolored

Tile grout is the gap between two tiles and is made of water and cement. People often forget to clean the tile grout when cleaning their tiles. It causes dirt and dust to accumulate in the tile grout, thus discoloring it. If the grout is not cleaned for a long time, it may lead to mold growth, thus negatively affecting your health. Furthermore, your tile grout may release an awful smell, which is another sign that you should clean your tiles. You should look for a local tile cleaning service such as Wood's Cleaning & Restoration to help clean your tile grout. These professionals will scrub the grout and remove all the molds, thus leaving your tiles clean and fresh.