Commercial flood damage restoration services aim to minimize the impact that water damage can have on the interiors of commercial premises and help them get back to business as quickly as possible. Flooding can be particularly damaging when water sits for long. However, you can use commercial flood damage restoration services to deal with the situation as fast as possible and in a way that minimizes the disruption. Here's how they go about it:

1. Remove Damaged Items

First and foremost, commercial flood damage restoration services should remove any items too damaged to salvage. These materials may present a danger to property and are sent off for disposal. The service handles the disposal, saving you the headache of this extra task. 

2. Water Removal

Water removal is typically one of the first steps commercial water damage mitigation services take when working on commercial premises. Water will begin to permeate all surfaces it touches, making this a crucial step in minimizing water damage. They will remove as much standing water as possible with commercial-grade water pumps. 

3. Clean-Up and Drying

Cleaning up flooded premises allows proper assessment of the damage. It is also a crucial mitigation measure because it prevents the growth of fungi and other microorganisms. It's important to clean up before you start repairing or rebuilding since mold can grow in a short time after a flood. 

Commercial water damage mitigation services typically use special equipment to remove odors from water-soaked fabrics and other soft surfaces. The cleaning process can take several days to allow complete dehumidification. 

4. Repair & Restore Floor and Walls

The floor and walls suffer the most damage in flooding. As such, commercial flood damage restoration aims at repairing and restoring these fixtures to ensure the commercial premises are usable again.

Repair and restoration include preparing painted surfaces for repainting, repairing flooring and walls, reinstalling carpeting, or sanding a hardwood floor. It also involves repairing electrical systems to ensure they are safe to use again. 

5. Recovery and Remodeling

The last step is restoring a commercial property to its original state. The restoration process is also an opportunity for remodeling, increasing a commercial building's value and attractiveness to potential tenants. 

Water flooding can cripple business operations, so it's important to deal with it ASAP to prevent further damage and restore business operations. Call a commercial flood damage restoration service such as HiCrest Restoration and Clean as soon as possible after a flooding disaster on your business premises.