Are you considering seeking carpet cleaning services for the first time? It is important to find out the key determinants of price to come up with a rough estimate. Carpet cleaning companies rely on the same factors to calculate their prices, although the price per company may vary. These factors include the following.

The Number of Rooms or The Room Sizes

Some companies calculate their charges based on how many rooms in your home you would like cleaned. The standard cost for every room is $50

Other companies will charge their services per square meter. The average cost is $0.25 for each square meter. The company comes onsite to assess the size of your room and calculate square meters to give you an accurate estimate. Thus, if the company uses this strategy, and you live in a smaller home like an apartment, you will pay less compared to someone living in a larger home. 

The State of Your Carpet and Preferred Cleaning Method

In what condition is your carpet? It will cost more to clean a stained carpet compared to a stain-free carpet. Additionally, if the stains on your carpet are quite challenging to remove, they will need more effort and time, which will cost more. Examples of stubborn stains include pet stains and oil.

There are various carpet cleaning methods available. Each method is unique and offers a different level of cleaning. Thus, there are different prices for each method. For example, dry cleaning is an easy process that will cost less than steam cleaning.

Labor and Special Services

Every service, including carpet cleaning, has a labor aspect to consider. You can estimate the labor cost by determining how long it takes you to clean and multiplying it by the number of cleaners and hours. Fortunately, labor is an incredibly variable factor. Different employees will ask for different pay rates, and you get to choose a rate you are comfortable paying. 

If you would like additional services, you will need to pay slightly more. For example, services like seam repairs and pet odor removal may attract additional charges. You should consider asking your carpet cleaner how much they charge for special services other than cleaning. Asking beforehand eliminates hidden costs.

Get Fair Priced Carpet Cleaning Services

Now that you understand the different factors considered when calculating your carpet cleaning prices, you can easily compare different companies. Why pay more when you can contact a professional for reasonably priced carpet cleaning services?

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