Your basement is dark and damp and generally has poor ventilation, which creates a nice little space for mold to thrive if you are not careful. If you have found yourself dealing with a basement growing mold, you need to know how to clean the space up.

Clean Your Walls

With basement mold, you are going to want to start by cleaning your walls. This will help remove the mold from the walls and get rid of all the built-up dirt. You are going to want to wear a breathing mask to protect yourself from breathing in the spores. You can just use warm soap and water at this point.

Use a Mold Cleaning Product

After you have cleaned the walls down, you will want to use a mold cleaning product. You can use a variety of different mold cleaning products. You can spray vinegar on any visible mold, with white vinegar being the best type to use in an undiluted manner. Spray it on the mold, allow it to sink in for a few minutes, and then wipe down the area. You can also use tea-tree oil, which is a natural fungicide. You can use tea tree oil, mix it with water, and then clean and remove mold.

Another non-toxic method for removing mold is hydrogen peroxide. You should mix it with water and then allow it to sit in the mold for ten minutes or so before you start cleaning. You can also use a professional mold cleaning product.

Dry the Walls

After you have cleaned and disinfected your walls, you are going to want to dry your walls thoroughly so that the mold doesn't return. You don't want the walls to be damp, either, so dry them off as best as you can with a towel.

Add Ventilation

Finally, you are going to want to add ventilation to your basement. Having better ventilation will help to prevent mold from coming back. With a basement, you will want to add a dehumidifier to the area or use a negative air pressure machine to circulate the air.

If you have mold in our basement, you will want to clean and disinfect your basement walls and then dry the walls off. You will want to add ventilation to prevent future mold growth and get rid of any moisture that is contributing to mold growth. For more information, contact a mold remediation service near you to learn more.