If you have problems with mold in your home, a damp crawlspace could be to blame. If your crawlspace stays damp all the time or floods when it rains, the moisture can cause mold and other damage to your home. A good way to deal with this issue is with crawlspace encapsulation which covers the walls and dirt floor with a vapor barrier. Here are some of the benefits of encapsulating your crawlspace.

1. The Air Quality In Your Home Improves

The air in your crawlspace affects the air in your living space. If someone in your home has asthma or allergies, their symptoms may be triggered by the moldy air in the space below the house. By cleaning up and encapsulating the crawlspace, the air in your home will be cleaner too.

2. The Risk Of Mold And Rot Diminishes

Crawlspace encapsulation involves covering the walls and floor with a vapor barrier that keeps water vapor from rising up through the soil and through the concrete walls. In addition to the vapor barrier, the contractor may install a dehumidifier to keep the space dry.

A dry area isn't as prone to mold and rot as a space that's always damp. Getting rid of mold eliminates musty odors in your home and reduces the risk of the wood structure of your home rotting due to dampness and mold.

3. Crawlspace Encapsulation Helps With Radon Control

One step in radon mitigation is to cover the dirt floor of your crawlspace with a vapor barrier. This is the same step involved with crawlspace encapsulation. The vapor barrier blocks radon from rising from the soil and entering your home above.

You may also need other steps for complete radon control such as installing an exhaust vent that pulls the trapped radon out from under the vapor barrier, but having the vapor barrier put down is a good start in controlling radon.

4. Pest Problems Are Reduced

One big problem associated with damp wood is pests. Several types of bugs and rodents are attracted to damp areas. Some of these pests can cause further damage to the structure of your home.

Other pests are just annoying nuisances that get in your living space. By drying out and encapsulating the area under your home, you may notice a decrease in pests in your house.

5. A Dry Space Can Be Used For Storage

When you have a crawlspace instead of a basement, you lose valuable storage space. Once your crawlspace is encapsulated and dry, you'll be able to use it for storage. You might want to store patio furniture, gardening tools, and lawn care equipment in the crawlspace where it will be safe and dry and not take up space in your garage.

Reach out to a crawlspace encapsulation service to learn more.