Unsanitary and unsafe conditions may not only affect your reputation as a construction business owner but could also result in your business permit being revoked. If a few recent projects involved unorganized setups or the need to perform extensive cleaning at the end of a project, redirect your cleaning efforts and hire an outside source to handle the majority of the cleaning.

Keep Dust At Bay

The complexity of the cleanup steps that a janitorial service will perform will affect how much you are charged and the date that the property will be ready to be occupied by a new business owner and staff members.

Since dust accumulation can occur on surfaces where heavy duty equipment is used, a tarping or plastic sheeting system will collect dust particles and prevent them from affecting new construction materials. Use heavy-duty tarps or plastic sheeting to cover exterior and interior surfaces. If you purchase products that are designed for a single use, inform your janitorial crew that they can use the materials to wrap the dust particles in,prior to disposing of them.

Decide How Materials Will Be Handled

A janitorial crew may offer a waste disposal service, which will include picking up materials that have been tossed aside and placing them in a waste receptacle.  Avoid mixing new construction materials with old ones, since items that you recently purchased could get lost or mistaken for trash. Store new materials inside of a shed that is set up on the construction site.

A modular building is a beneficial investment that will keep materials dry and neatly stacked prior to use. If you have a dumpster set up on your property, inform your construction crew that you are going to be monitoring cleanliness efforts that pertain to littering materials onto the ground. It may be inconvenient for someone to stop what they are doing to descend a flight of steps necessary to reach a dumpster, but the added attention to detail will keep each construction site orderly and safe.

Hire some groundskeepers who can aid in tidying up during the execution of a construction project. Once a project is complete, notify the janitorial crew members who you have hired. The janitors will use a combination of high-pressure cleaning equipment and industrial-strength products to clean surfaces. Upon the completion of the cleaning session, loose materials will be collected and hauled away. To learn more about these cleaning services, contact a company like Janitorial Services Atlanta.