Being a victim of violent crime in your home is traumatic. It can be hard to step back into your house with the constant reminders of what took place. The first step to feeling safe in your home again is to clean the mess left behind. Hiring professionals is often a preferred method because people can experience more trauma by seeing the aftermath. However, when it comes to blood and bodily fluids, professionals are the only ones that can make it safe again.

Health Hazards

Blood and bodily fluids carry bacteria and diseases that pose serious dangers to people who come in contact with them. When you go to the hospital, you notice that personal protective equipment (PPE) is found on every employee. Whether they are wearing gloves, aprons, masks, etc., they are taking measures to make sure they are not exposed to pathogens found in the blood. This is the same precautions you have to take when it comes to cleaning after a violent crime. Professionals are experienced with removing biohazards and have the right equipment to keep everyone safe.

Mental Health

As mentioned above, simply seeing the blood can bring memories back and overwhelm your ability to clean. Whether you were the one attacked or a family member, you should focus on recovery and therapy rather than cleaning. It has been shown that mental recovery can be delayed with constant exposure to the trauma. If you are breaking down every time you walk in the house, you will not be able to make progress with cleaning. Professionals have the ability to clean and sanitize your home while you stay with a friend or are at the hospital. This way, when you return home, the physical evidence is gone from your home.

Property Value

You may think it does not matter how clean the house is since you will never return. However, it is even more important to hire a professional cleaning company if you are planning to sell your home. Blood and bodily fluids decrease the value of your home. Bacteria travel quickly, so allowing professionals to do the cleaning will ensure your home is free from future damage and can therefore be sold at a higher value.


You may be wondering what legal issues you can face with cleaning your house following a crime. There are two ways you can get into legal troubles, tampering with evidence, and endangering others. When professionals come in and clean your home, they may find more evidence that was originally missed during the investigation. They know the proper protocol to handle evidence discovered so it does not become contaminated. Endangering the health of others can happen if the home is not cleaned thoroughly and someone falls ill. It is your responsibility to make sure your home is a healthy place for you and your family members, so let professionals take care of the sanitation.

It is hard to overcome a violent crime, especially one inside your home. Therefore, it is worth the investment to allow professionals to come in and help you clean up. They are skilled in getting your property back to normal in a timely manner, so you can focus on the important aspects of recovery.

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