Now that spring is just around the corner, most homeowners are beginning to put a spring cleaning strategy into place. Giving your home a thorough spring cleaning is a great way to get the warm season off to a great start. If you're like most people, you often exit your spring cleaning tasks with a vast sense of satisfaction -- but you also may experience a nagging sense that there are things that you've neglected to do. 

Following are five essential chores that are easy to forget in the course of doing your spring cleaning. 

The Insides of Kitchen Cabinets

Many people only get as far as cleaning out the first shelf of their kitchen cabinets and possibly putting down some fresh shelf paper. Although this is a good start, it's important to thoroughly clean all of the shelves and refresh the paper, even those at the very top that you seldom use. You should also take this opportunity to inspect foodstuffs for expiration dates -- and honestly, if it's stashed away in a top shelf that you rarely access, you should ask yourself whether or not if you'll actually ever use it. This may also be a good time to reorganize the contents of your cabinets in a manner that makes sense for the way you use your kitchen. 

Air Ducts

Having your air ducts cleaned during the course of your normal spring cleaning helps ensure that your air conditioning system is good to go when the seasonal warm weather arrives. Not only will this help prevent common malfunctions, but it will guard against the distribution of dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, pollen, and other airborne particulates throughout your home environment. Also, air conditioning ducts that aren't in use during fall and winter provide a tempting space for insect populations to set up housekeeping -- and one of the last things you want to happen the first time you decide to turn on your air central air conditioner to cool down a warm house is bits of insects being dispersed throughout the home. 

Behind Washing Machines and Dryers

This area tends to be overlooked because it's out of sight. Nonetheless, it should be thoroughly cleaned out during spring cleaning as a matter of general household safety. Stray socks and other bits of clothing, dryer lint, and used fabric softener sheets regularly make their way to the area behind washing machines and dryers, and this can result in a fire hazard.

Please feel free to contact your local air duct cleaning service, like Smith-Mathis, for more information on keeping your air conditioning ducts in great condition.