If you are trying to find new ways to make money, you may want to consider a laundromat. The business would generate money without requiring your ongoing presence. Additionally, it would provide a service to the local community. Nevertheless, not every laundromat enjoys the success that the investor originally desired. Here are a few factors that could increase the likelihood of a coin laundry's success:

Safe Neighborhood

Laundromats that are located in safe areas are more apt to receive customers. Patrons want to clean their clothes in an area that is well-lit and crime-free. Although no area is completely free of criminal acts, a laundromat that is in a location where violent crimes regularly occur may be perceived as unsafe. As a result, customers may only visit the facility if no other coin laundry is available.

Before investing in a laundry business, it is best to obtain a crime report of the area. Many reports indicate the type and frequency of the crimes that have occurred nearby. If an area appears to have a high crime rate, it may be best to look for a laundromat that is located in a safer area.

Nearby Apartments or Dormitories

Apartments and dormitories may have too few washers and dryers available to serve their residents. Thus, coin-operated laundromats may receive more business when they are located near apartment complexes or college dormitories. 

Before purchasing a laundromat, a thorough review of nearby neighborhoods should be performed. If there are only other businesses in close proximity to the laundromat, the facility may not have a large number of customers.

Up-to-date Equipment 

If a coin laundry is affordable and fully equipped with up-to-date equipment that is in great working condition, the investment may be lucrative. The cost of new equipment may be high enough to reduce the profitability of the business venture, at least for several years. 

If the equipment in a facility is too old or in disrepair, it will need to be replaced before the business becomes operational. Suitable laundry units may be available for lease. However, the cost of renting should be factored into the monthly operating expenses if this option is chosen. Regardless of whether or not the current equipment will be replaced, the units within the laundromat will require regular servicing to continue to work properly.

If you are considering the purchase of a coin laundry facility, be sure to talk with a consultant before making the investment.