Hiring carpet cleaners to come and clean your carpets is an excellent way to improve the look of your carpets and also to remove a great deal of germs and bacteria from them. While the carpet cleaning service that you hire will do all of the work, there are some things that you can do to prepare for their visit. Here are four things that you can do. 

Search For Stains Before They Come 

Taking the time to search your carpet for any and all stains before the carpet cleaning service comes can be beneficial because you can easily show them these stains when they arrive. They will likely want to pre-treat these stains before they begin using the carpet cleaning machine, so by telling them, you can save them time. Since you are likely being charged by the hour for their services, this can essentially save you money as well. 

Pin Up Your Curtains

If you have curtains on your windows, be sure that you take the time pull them up. By doing this, you make this area more accessible for cleaning and you also ensure that they are not accidentally sucked up the carpet cleaner. To pull them up, you can simply wrap them around the curtain rod so that they don't hang as low as they normally do. 

Move Your Own Furniture

If you want the carpets beneath your furniture cleaned, then it is important that you move this furniture yourself. While some carpet cleaning companies will move your furniture for you, a lot of them will not. Moving your furniture onto a non-carpeted surface, or moving them to the center of the room with special instructions for the carpet cleaners to move them back into place, can ensure that all of your carpets are completely cleaned. As part of this furniture moving, you may also want to remove any items that are breakable and could potentially be knocked off or over and broken. 


It is very important that you vacuum your floors before the carpet cleaners come because this removes a lot of the dust and dirt on the surface of your carpets. This allows the carpet cleaners to get right to the deeper dirt, dust, and stains that the vacuum can't reach. This gives you a better clean and helps to make your carpets look as good as possible. 

Before your carpet cleaner comes, take the time to search for stains on your carpet, pin up all of your long curtains, move your furniture out of the way, and take some time to vacuum your carpet. Contact a company, like Conscientious Carpet Care, to get started.