Cleaning chemicals are now being used less and less in homes. Due to the increasing awareness of the dangers that the chemicals pose to people and pets, consumers are finding natural alternatives for cleaning the home. Even carpet cleaning can be done without the use of chemicals. Here are a few alternatives for you to consider to keep your carpets looking great without using any harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals:

Overall Chemical-free Carpet Cleaning Solutions

White Vinegar – This is Mother Nature's best cleaning solution. The white vinegar contains natural acids that break down all sorts of things. It is safe to use on every surface and will remove most difficult stains.

Hot Water Extraction – Professional carpet cleaning services utilize exceptional cleaning equipment that uses nothing but very hot water and strong suction to remove dirt and odors from your carpeting. The water is processed through a softening system and heated before being used to clean the carpeting. Then, the strong suction of the cleaning system pulls the deep-down dirt and dirty water leaving the carpeting very close to dry when they're done.

Eco-Safe Cleaners – There is a wide variety of eco-safe cleaners for you to choose from. These cleaners are carefully formulated using only natural agents that are effective in cleaning.

Stain and Odor Issues

For those stubborn stains and odors between full cleanings, you just need a little bit of baking soda and water. Create a paste and smear it over the spot making sure that it is pressed between each fiber. Cover the area with a sheet of plastic wrap and allow it to harden for a couple of days. Once it's dried, remove the plastic wrap and use an old toothbrush to scrub dried mixture off of the carpet. Rinse with water well and do your best to dry it up using a shop-vac and clean towels.

Spot Cleaning

Between cleanings, you will likely have several small spills to clean up. Keep a bottle of water and white vinegar handy. Try to choose a spray-bottle that is microwave safe. This way, you can put the bottle with the mixture inside in the microwave to heat it up and create an even more effective cleaning agent.

Spray the spot with the hot vinegar and water and then blot it with a clean, white cloth or quality paper towels. Repeat until the spot disappears.

Talk with a local carpet cleaning company like Campo's On The Spot Carpet Services INC to learn more about naturally keeping your carpet clean.